5 Health Benefits of Sourdough

We know most people don't need any reasons what-so-ever to eat a delicious slice of warm, crusty bread straight from the oven, mmm, with a smear of butter mmm, a sprinkle of salt... deeelish.... but eating sourdough just got a whole lot more satisfying with these 5 reasons why it's good for you - and your gut. 
  1. Sourdough is a good source of protein and fibre - packed with B vitamins, folate and iron to keep your red blood cells pumping.
  2. It’s a prebiotic - high in minerals and anti-oxidants, making it a healthier alternative to regular white bread and keeps your gut bacteria happy.
  3. Doesn’t cause bloating - our bodies have the ability to absorb more nutrients from sourdough due to its high FODMAP content, so great for IBS sufferers as it eliminates trigger foods and breaks down carbohydrates in the wheat so your digestion doesn’t have to work as hard.
  4. Doesn’t spike blood sugar levels - great for those monitoring blood sugar levels.
  5. High in soluble fibre to keep you feeling full longer.

 *Bonus reason – It’s deliciously tasty, versatile and easy to bake with Sourdough Flakes!

Sourdough Pizza

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