In our family (as our kids say) - bread is life. 

Sourdough Flakes are the product of our starter named ‘Cintra’ who was born over 10 years ago in our wee little cottage kitchen in Queensland. The jar of Cintra routinely moved from the bench to the fridge to the bench again, to catch just the right temperature and ensure her regiment feeding needs, and kneading the dough was a daily morning ritual. 

Until, we had the opportunity to move overseas... taking a live jar of yeasty, bubbling, fermenting dough was certainly not ideal, so we discovered a traditional method of dehydrating Cintra into packable bags of flakes which gave us the convenience of being able to take and bake whenever and wherever we needed - total comfort food. 

Since then Cintra has continued to produced numerous loaves, baguettes, naans, pizza bases, focaccias, hot cross buns, crackers and even mighty flaky and delicious parathas that have been shared with friends, family and neighbours.

One bag of Sourdough Flakes has grown so much, that in 2022 we even opened our first pizzeria restaurant in Ipswich, Queensland called The Sourdough Crust Co. so we could create delicious tasting blistered, stretchy chewy and charred pizza with our signature sourdough crust. 

Baking our own sourdough is a family tradition the whole family enjoys, and when it's cheaper than store bought, healthier than the commercially produced loaves and is something the kids actually enjoy eating - it's a win-win!

We hope Sourdough Flakes start a baking tradition in your house too.