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Sourdough Flakes

Sourdough Flakes Starter

Sourdough Flakes Starter

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Bake artisan bread at home with our Award Winning Sourdough Flakes. Aged for over a decade and full of flavour, our dehydrated Sourdough Flakes are convenient, long lasting and great for beginners. No experience required, simply follow the flake-by-flake instructions included to rehydrate your starter and produce Insta-worthy loaves that will have you saying #ibakewithflakes. 

Why Flakes:

Sourdough Flakes will stay dehydrated for approximately 12 months whilst stored in your pantry and when you're ready to use, simply follow the steps to create your own thick, gooey, spongy, marshmallowy, fluffy, bubbly jar of sourdough starter joy, ready for baking in just 5-7 days. 

Steps to making your sourdough starter:
  • Rehydrate
  • Feed
  • Bake
 Pack Includes:
  • 15g of aged, flavourful dehydrated Sourdough Flakes
  • Flake-By-Flake Home Bakers Guide

Follow us on Instagram @sourdoughflakes for tips, inspo and to see the many successful Sourdough Flake bakes.

Sourdough Flakes are proudly 100% Australian made. 

Vegan Friendly. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Paul Wyk
Fantastic starter

Followed included directions and works a treat!

Don Matthews
Going really well

So far so good, like a wild animal coming to life in the kitchen

Amanda Waschevski
Best sourdough starter!

This is by far the best starter I've ever used. The instructions are easy to follow and the product is outstanding.

Josie Sammut
Work in Progress

I had a lot of fun creating my starter, it wasn't doubling then I put it in a warmer position. It rose well, I will start baking in the next couple of days.

Lee Cheung
Well worth it!

Glad I bought the flakes, it gave me a guaranteed starter. Starter isn't old enough to bake yet but so far the starter discard recipes has been fantastic, so tasty.