Say hello to 'Cintra'!

Let’s just put it out there - bakers are a little ‘unique’… perhaps it’s due to the fact they have to get up waaaaaay too early, but it’s fair to say they’re a fusion of mad scientist meets performing artist as they bring their yeasty, bubbly, fermenty concoctions of dough literally - to life.

But because of their ‘uniqueness’, and let’s face it – our FOMO, that us home bakers have now taken on the tradition of naming our bubbly little bread childs with quirky ridoughculous or sentimental names for our sourdough starters.  

Sourdough Flakes are the product of our starter named ‘Cintra’ who was born 7 years ago in our wee little cottage kitchen in Queensland. Since then she has produced numerous loaves, baguettes, naans, pizza bases, focaccias, hot cross buns, crackers and even mighty flaky and delicious parathas that have been shared with friends, family and neighbours.

Cintra is part of our family, our kids know to call Dad if they see her bubbling away and she’s fed nothing but the finest nutrients. I think she’s fed much better than the dog in fact who’s lucky to get some crumbs from the floor.

Bubbly by nature, she loves the tropics and even moved overseas with us when we lived in Fiji and was baked and served to guests in one of the five star hotels on Denarau Island. Cultured indeed!

There was just that one time where she had a near death experience when she was mistaken for out-of-date hommus in the fridge, but we don’t speak of that incident anymore…

So ‘Cintra’ is sentimental to us, but there are some wonderfully creative and quirky names out there. Some notable mentions:

  • Clint Yeastwood
  • Doughlene
  • Yeast Witherspoon
  • Bread Sheeran
  • Ryehanna
  • Augustus Gloop

Cintra seems like a ‘D’ list reality star compared to these headline names but trust us, she’s a Survivor who’s run The Amazing Race so in our eyes, she’s a Celebrity, Get Her Out of Here! (and by that, we mean into your pantry).

So go ahead, grab a pack of Sourdough Flakes, welcome Cintra into your home, release your inner ‘unique’ baker and start a new tradition in your family.

What will you call her?  

 Sourdough Starter

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