Why Sourdough Flakes?

Creating a sourdough starter from scratch is a process!

A sourdough starter during creation stage can be likened to small children – they’re temperamental, time consuming, sensitive and always making a mess in the kitchen. There’s precise measurements required, specific temperatures to adhere to and time frames to follow – then there’s feeding, then maintenance, and the bubbly, gooey, sticky mess if you miss a step is a whole other blog post…

But just like caring for small child – having a healthy sourdough starter, is most definitely worth it.

Sourdough Flakes have done all hard work for you. Our sourdough starter affectionately named as ‘Cintra’, has been lovingly cared for in our Queensland kitchen for 7 years and has produced hundreds of delicious sourdough loaves, pizza bases, naan bread, bagels and even hot cross buns. In fact, so loved it is, it’s even travelled overseas with us – talk about cultured!

We dehydrate ‘Cintra’ into easy to use flakes that you simply rehydrate with water and flour to produce your own starter that’s ready to bake in 5 to 7 days. 

Sourdough Flakes simplifies the process so you can bake delicious sourdough bread in no time. 

Sourdough Flakes
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