Sourdough Flakes will stay dehydrated for approximately 12 months whilst stored in your pantry and when you're ready to use, simply follow the rehydration steps below to create your own thick, gooey, spongy, marshmallowy, bubbly jar of sourdough starter joy, ready to bake in approximately 5-7 days.

 You'll need:

  • Sourdough Flakes
  • Filtered or spring water
  • Bakers flour

Bakers Tools:

  • Medium sized glass jar
  • Non metal spoon
  • Measuring cup and spoon
  • Square of linen or cloth
  • Rubber band
  • Optional - Bakers hat and apron, for style purposes and selfies


Day 1 - Rehydrate

Pour Sourdough Flakes into a medium jar, add 4 tablespoons of lukewarm filtered or spring water and stir. Cover the jar with cloth, allow to dissolve for minimum 60 minutes. Once all flakes are dissolved, stir in 30g of bread flour and cover again. Store on the bench top for 24 hours.

Day 2 - Feed

Add 2 tablespoons of water and 30g of bread flour and stir thoroughly. Set aside for another 24 hours while you think of your starter name – check out our blog post about naming your starter, it’s bad luck not to have one!

Day 3 - Feed some more

Feed again with 4 tbsp of water and 60g of bread flour. Mix well, cover and set aside. The consistency will resemble pancake batter with fermentation bubbles starting to appear.

Day 4 to 6 - Watch it rise

Your starter is very hungry and active now. Keep feeding with 4 tbsp of water and 60g of bread flour daily and mix very well. After feeding, have some fun and mark the level of your jar with a rubber band, you should notice your starter bubbling, rising and doubling in height in no time.

Day 5 to 7 - Bake! 

Between day 5 and 7, your sourdough starter will rise to double its size and maintain that height, that's when you know it's ready to bake! 

Click the link below to watch the Flake by Flake Sourdough Starter guide: